Ophrys bertolonii – Zadelophrys

  Ophrys bertolonii
Moretti, 1823
This species does not occur in Belgium
  NL: Zadelophrys
EN: Bertoloni’s Bee Orchid
DE: Bertolonis Ragwurz
FR: Ophrys de Bertoloni
Regnum Plantae
Phylum Tracheophyta
Classis Liliopsida
Ordo Asparagales
Familia Orchidaceae
Genus Ophrys
Basioniem / Basionym / Basionyme:
1823: Ophrys bertolonii Moretti, Quibus. Pl. Ital. 6: 9
Synoniemen / Synonyms / Synonyme / Synonymes:
1842: Arachnites bertolonii (Moretti) Tod., Orchid. Sicul.: 79
1870: Ophrys insectifera subsp. bertolonii (Moretti) Moggr., Nova Acta Acad. Caes. Leop.-Carol. German. Nat. Cur. 35: 11
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  Hybriden / Hybrids / Hybrides
  Ophrys bertolonii x Ophrys bertoloniiformis
Ophrys bertolonii x Ophrys bertoloniiformis  ?
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