Ophrys ferrum-equinum

  Ophrys ferrum-equinum
Desf., 1807
  NL: Hoefijzerorchis
EN: Horseshoe bee-orchid
DE: Hufeisen-Ragwurz
FR: Ophrys ferrum-equinum
Regnum Plantae
Phylum Tracheophyta
Classis Liliopsida
Ordo Asparagales
Familia Orchidaceae
Genus Ophrys
Basioniem / Basionym / Basionyme:
1807: Ophrys ferrum-equinum Desf., Ann. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat. x. (1807) 226. t. 15.
Synoniemen / Synonyms / Synonyme / Synonymes:
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